Up to 70% of all change projects are not successful if you compare the result with the original objectives. It is a reality that most leaders have experienced – and the reasons are many and complex. We believe one of the most important reasons is the lack of leadership power in the organization.

Leadership power is the ability to achieve results through relationships.

Leadership power is established when a leader in all relations deliberately uses power, communication and management style in order to promote trust, understanding and action.

  • When the leader uses power (correctly!), it creates trust.
  • When the leader uses communication, it creates understanding.
  • And when the leader uses management, it creates actions.

Everything we do at Kraft & Partners aims to strengthen the leadership power of you as a leader, in the management team and in the company.


Every manager, management team and company has untapped potential. It may be strategic understanding, people with skills, capital, culture, organization and more. Our experience tells us that companies can release this potential by deliberately working to establish adequate leadership power within the organization.

A company can have a strong business strategy, talented employees and sound finances. But without sufficient leadership power, it will not be able to implement the strategy, create change, develop people and remain profitable.

Ask yourself: Have I or my company established the necessary leadership power to implement our next change project, face the next disruptive competitor (or indeed become one) or execute our growth strategy?

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